Business Acquisition Financing

We help entrepreneurs, sponsors, and management teams finance acquisitions. Small business, lower market, and middle market experts.

Need To Finance a Business Acquisition?

Lower and Middle Market Experts

Financing solutions for small, lower, and middle market business acquisitions. We help entrepreneurs, managers, and sponsors get the financing they need to execute their plans.

small business acquisitions financing

Small Business

Designed for acquisitions valued between $400,000 and $5,000,000. Typically used by first-time entrepreneurs and small mergers.

lower market acquisition financing

Lower Market

Designed for acquisitions valued between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000. Typically used for larger transactions and small-scale roll ups.

middle market acquisition financing

Middle Market

Designed for acquisitions whose enterprise value exceeds $10,000,000. Used for larger scale roll ups, leveraged buyouts, and complex transactions. 

Small Business Acquisition Experts

Getting the right financing solution for a small or mid-sized business acquisition can be challenging.

Large finance companies and investment banks often sidestep smaller opportunities. They don't generate sufficient fees. 

This leaves entrepreneurs, management teams, and sponsors with few options. Commercial Capital can help. 

We finance acquisitions in the small business, lower, and middle markets. 

General Criteria

  • Small Business, Lower Market or Mid-Market
  • Transaction size: $500K - $25,000,000
  • Letter of Intent in place
  • Profitable company
  • Suitable ratios (e.g. DSCR, FCCR, Leverage)
  • Reliable financial statements
  • Relevant experience  (e.g. industry)
  • Ability to provide an equity injection
  • Most industries (some exceptions)

Our Typical Client

Are We Right For You?

At Commercial Capital, we understand the unique needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our typical clients are entrepreneurs seeking financing to acquire a small company.

They have business or management experience, have a Letter of Intent (LOI) in place, and their acquisitions are valued between $400,000 and $25,000,000.

man with calculator reviewing financial documents

Learning Center

Essential Reading for Buyers

We have an extensive library of articles and case studies with key information about business financing, common challenges, and more. Consider reviewing some of these articles before submitting a transaction.

We aim to provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to make an informed decision about your business acquisition.

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