Middle Market Acquisition Financing

Middle Market Financing Expertise

Is Your Team Acquiring a Company?

Commercial Capital helps entrepreneurs, managers, and sponsors who want to finance a middle market acquisition. We specialize in smaller middle market transactions, typically between $10,000,000 to $25,000,000.

Our team has experience with the challenges buyers face in financing acquisitions in this market segment. Unlike large investment banks and financial institutions, we focus exclusively on smaller business acquisitions.

Middle Market Expertise

Middle market acquisitions under $25,000,000 are often challenging to finance. They are too small for many private equity and conventional lenders. Consequently, buyers, sponsors, and managers have few financing options.

This situation creates a unique set of challenges for the market. Buyers can find excellent acquisition targets but don’t have a way to finance and execute the transaction. 

We understand the unique obstacles middle market buyers face when financing smaller acquisitions. Commercial Capital has a track record of financing small businesses for nearly two decades.

As your dedicated partner, we are committed to providing financing solutions. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, capabilities, and objectives.

Transaction Criteria

  • Transaction size: $10,000,000 - $25,000,000
  • Industry or business experience
  • Ability to provide an equity injection (*)
  • Suitable FCCR (1.2 or better)
  • Debt to EBIDA ratio < 4
  • Valuation 2.5 - 9 x EBITDA
  • Reliable financial statements
  • LOI or IOI in place
  • Profitable company
  • Most industries (some exceptions)

(*) Varies based on transaction details

Why work with us?

  • MIddle market expertise

  • Experienced team

  • Access options previously reserved for large companies

  • Tailored financing solutions to meet specific needs

  • Able to structure complex transactions

  • Post-acquisition working capital solutions

  • Debt financing options

  • Deep industry knowledge

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