Small Business Leveraged Buyout Financing

Small Business LBO Financing Specialists

Are you Buying a Company?

Commercial Capital helps entrepreneurs who want to finance their acquisition using a Leveraged Buyout (LBO) structure. Our team has experience with the opportunities and challenges buyers face when using this type of financing.

We can work with you to structure a financial package that aligns with your objectives and helps you achieve your desired outcome. Unlike large investment banks and financial institutions, we focus exclusively on small business acquisitions.

Benefits of our working with us:

  • Small business LBO financing specialists

  • Access to services previously reserved for large opportunities

  • Experienced team

  • Acquisition financing

  • Post-acquisition working capital financing

  • Able to handle complex transactions

  • Accomplish your objectives

  • Deep knowledge of several industries

Small Business Acquisition Experts

Small business acquisitions are often complex. Finding the right solution can seem overwhelming.

Unfortunately, many large finance companies overlook smaller deals, leaving entrepreneurs with limited options.

At Commercial Capital, we understand the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face. We have specialized in small business financing for nearly two decades.

As your dedicated partner, we are committed to providing acquisition financing solutions tailored to your specific needs, capabilities, and objectives.

We handle transactions that meet these criteria:

Size: $500,000 to $5,000,000
Most industries


Has business experience (with some exceptions)

Ability to provide a minimum contribution of 10% towards the transaction

Have made an offer or be in the process of making one

LBO Case Study

Small Transportation Company

This article presents the case study of a leveraged buyout applied to a small transportation company.
Although this strategy is not often mentioned in the small business popular press, LBOs can also be an effective way to buy a small company.

In this case study, you learn:

Note: All names have been changed to protect the participants' privacy.

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